In every society in any culture throughout our world the WOMAN seems to have a common thread that runs through the veins of her existence. A desire to nurture. This trait is as pronounced as is Man’s desire to copulate. The life of a woman is obligatory it seems, and as if ordained by a higher order she is endowed with a sixth sense of awareness that appears to be spiritually instinctive, as she seems guided by the hand of providence. In her life’s journey she matures before her male counterpart and as she traverses through life she adjusts to the challenges that her development puts her through, her physical and emotional turmoil particularly at puberty when she bonds a relationship with her periodically bleeding reality, one can only imagine what a traumatic revelation that must have been when it first dawned on her the intuitive that for the most part this is a permanent life sentence.

Nature also has a scheme prescribed for her as it puts into effect her drive to procreate, that channeling of the ovarian system that ignites her come-hither appetite and the lure of male attention.  Here she confronts another battle, that is to resist the temptation of nature’s beckoning finger of lustful desire as she is advised to save her virginity for a special someone. Her instincts immature as they are, unable to identify that ideal special someone and sometimes her special someone does not meet the approval of parental guidelines and so there is often conflicting moral opinions. Oh! What a road to travel as she winds her way through this phase of her development. Pitfalls ensue from time to time, heartbreaks, unwanted pregnancies, abortions and forced marriages may all add to the perils of her life’s journey. But yet her resiliency is maintained as she forges forward seeking her ordained destiny, the opportunity to nurture.

Very often it is after trials and tried and true options, good and bad experiences, and with some luck she eventually arrives at a juncture where she thinks she has found compatibility with someone, and there a new journey begins. Now marriage and family is at the forefront of her life’s ambition, most women may not want to admit this but they are the wooers and persuaders in this chapter of the relationship, though the Man thinks he is the pursuer because she leads him to this stage. Her quest now is to convince a reluctant stubborn suitor that she can bring happiness to his future, here is where her cunning is at its best as she maneuvers her skills to break down his resistance, she suppresses her intolerance for his ego trips and his exhibitions of mannishness, she learns ego massaging is an art with its own rewards, so she stays the course, the goal is in sight, she reminds him of his mother with all the attention she has pampered him with, he decides to (do her the favor, or so he thinks) he agrees to marry her. Oh! What she had to go through to get to this point knowing in her heart its to his benefit as well as hers.guinea family

Pregnancy is another landmark in this journey of her existence, the signs are obvious, the morning sickness, the mood swings, the strange diets, the shape shifting, the uncomfortable weight gain, the patience for nine months as she waits, what a burden to bear. A husband looks at his wife and can’t help but wonder how could she be so sane with all this madness and turmoil in that physical body, there has got to be other forces present in her he concludes, because for him this ordeal would be too much to bear, as he massages her tumbling belly he asks “Does it hurt when it does that?” She ignores him because she feels a sharp pain in her pelvic area. She says to him “it’s time,” she knows childbirth is near as her pre-delivery pain starts, her pelvic bones dislocate from it’s fixture to accommodate the passage of a new birth, a new life, as she groans in anguish as her body painfully responds to nature’s call. Her husband is invited to witness her childbirth experience but she is apprehensive because she thinks after this her widespread exposure her vagina would never be the same to him. “It’s a Boy weight 8 lbs 10 oz.”, the doctor exclaims, the husband is overjoyed but the wife utters under her breath “He is Big.” a bit self-consciously as though embarrassed by her vagina’s yawning ability.

Child rearing to her is somewhat instinctive just as it was to her mother before her, but managing baby, home and husband is tedious, but she maneuvers through her domestic responsibilities with such wizardry efforting to ensure that no one be left wanting. She maneuvers through all the mishaps that present themselves in her family life, extramarital affairs being no exception, after giving birth to their baby boy an immature husband thought he was being neglected and seeked attention elsewhere, when confronted  he chose to justify his behavior by pointing to the absence of sex while his wife healed, but she recognized how shallow his maturity was still, but she maintained control to help him grow out of those insecurities that propelled him to seek outside female attention, but still she questioned; Is it not the drive that the seed he harbors in his scrotum the dictator of his infidelity?

Disappointed though she was, she was not as angry as she thought she would have been under the circumstances,  in reflection she called on her life experiences and what she had learned about Male tendencies. She learned love and commitment to a woman is her whole existence but to a Man Love is thing apart. So she waits as he grows into the man he was destined to be, as she gently and indirectly nudged him along though he thought he achieved his maturity all by himself. He looks at his son with pride and admiration, his home comfortable and serene, his wife loving and adoring, and credits himself for his ability to woo this special kind of woman to be his wife and the mother of his child. But did he really woo her or was he wooed?

Now she laments pensively, silently. “This is the rapture I have been seeking all my life, this is the destiny I have envisioned all the dreaming and waking moments of my life, this is my happiness. My predestined purpose as though written into the chapters of my existence by an authority that needed not my consent. My desire to Nurture, the manifestation of it’s authority fulfilled. I am Woman.”






What has our Elders done for us lately?

This question surfaced recently from a young man that I befriended during my juggings down life’s rugged path. My immediate jerk reaction was to check myself. What have I done lately for the young people in my life?….

Those of us belonging to the category of “The Elders” (and I dare determine that to be 65 plus) would realize how trends and modes of communication have created a generational gap that far exceeds the standard that existed yesteryear. There was a time when our Elders demanded respect just by virtue of him or her having traveled through the complicated traffic that this life maneuvers us through, and those experiences were handed down to generation after generation, the young adults absorbed the wisdom of the Elders with relish, their words were the chronicle of the times.

But today there are so many contradictory truth sources, so many untrue sources, so many religious interpretations by false prophets in an age when the information network is accessible as never before, so when our Elders choose to hold on to doctrines of a time past that is now being challenged by our youth and our response is “Have Faith.” “Houston we have a problem!”

The communication gap widens as the information network becomes more accessible to the younger generation, they being more computer savvy, they entered this world it seems with a built in understanding of computer language, techniques and skills, more often than not we adults have to be schooled by a younger person who does not understand, why we don’t understand, what they understand so naturally. Because old habits are hard to break some Elders continue to hold on to old outdated doctrines and don’t pay attention to changing criteria where old adages are falling by the wayside for new and updated discoveries.. It is noteworthy that older doctrines are being disproved by current scientific truths, but more significantly is however, the distance between the young and the old is not merely lacking because of the information network although that has it’s place, more than the gap created by the revolution of the information network it is about our person to person disconnect. How do we bridge the gap between us? How could we adults hold the attention of the young long enough to convey some wisdom that our years on this planet have blessed us with, how do I first Reach you that I may Teach you? This is my responsibility to you. But you, the youth also have a responsibility to me and as such to yourself.

Be mindful that I have been down some rough roads that may very well be in your distant future. My father before me wisely advised at a time and place reminiscent to where you are now, he said: “Where You Are Now I Used To Be, Where I Am Now You One Day Will Be, So Prepare Yourself To Follow Me.”

You as of yet have not seen as many sunrises or dark skies as I have.

Would you listen as I try to relate and try to prepare you for those sunless dark skies?







We belong to a culture that exists in grandeur. We exemplify that Might is the advantage ideal we aspire to. If your gene pool determines a bigger physical stature (of which you had no contribution or control) that is considered to be your good fortune in our culture, and so to take advantage of the weakest in our midst is not challenged or ridiculed but tolerated. In the games we play like the wars we fight, the Might advantage and imbalance we gravitate to and support, though fairness is a moral standard we falsely profess to hold. Our stance determines though that control is in the hands of grandeur whether by physical brutality, by wealth, or the biggest guns.

Once upon a time there use to be a moral barrier we held as gospel, like “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or “To kick someone when he is down, to take advantage of someone was a sign of your own weakness,” but in recent times those standards have reversed in principle as our leaders, the chosen Representatives of the People’s morality publicly support the Dribbling Cesspool in our society, and by example given liberty to the pool’s source fermentation of the sinister side of the American culture that has been kept under the surface of our existence but just within reach of a chicken scratch to expose the stench of our founding.ruger-ar-556-8500MENTAL ILLNESS

How is Mental Illness determined, how should we distinguish the difference between Mental Illness and Unleashed Rage, Anger and Aggression?

We occupy places in this society where at anytime, anywhere, by anyone, evil could disastrously manifest its ugliness in our society through gun violence’s mass slaughter of defenseless people. Nowhere else in this world is there such a comparable murder statistic, but to save face we lie and hide behind the cry of Mental Illness. But should we not first admit that we exist in a culture that is American extravagance where we harbor an innate desire for excessive expression of grandeur. We seem to individually seclude ourselves into cocoons of mental isolation hiding our truths within, until the walls erupt under the explosion of our reality, as Sexual Predators; Financial Embezzlers; Serial Killers or Mass Murderers. But we try to deny that reality and so the evil escapes our censorship.

While it is obvious that a lid on the availability of guns would quell gun violence, General Violence historically have been structured into the fabric of our society and will continue to strive for expression as we continue to MANUFACTURE PREDATORS.

WE THE PEOPLE have to challenge ourselves;

WE THE PEOPLE have to break our backs to break the cycle that breaks our connectedness;

WE THE PEOPLE hold the key to our future;





The Abundance of whatever we find desirable not for sustainability but for hoarding like GREED

There seem to be a law in effect that governs the attitudes of nature’s existence. Inhabitants of its scheme proceed in a state of natural adherence throughout the span of their respective cycles, but lately man seems to be the only inhabitant that stubbornly and recklessly deviate from nature’s law. Animal life throughout its kingdom may adjust to circumstances relative to its existence but with no marked deviation from character, even domestication by Man does not compromise its instinctive traits. Plant life has been in existence before Man entered this earth’s scheme standing in maintenance of its ecological responsibility for thousands of years and will continue its existence with or without Man’s intervention. The Earth’s ecology would continue to be maintained by nature’s grace, naturally. Man in his infancy and innocence instinctively found harmony with nature’s law, he took from nature only what he needed for his sustainability, even as Earth’s population grew the Hunter-Gatherer adhered to Earth’s natural function.

And then what? there must have been an adverse thought invasion; “Capitalism”. Where did it come from? It came to our world from what source of inspiration? What has it bestowed on us? Before Capitalism there was Barter and the Fair Exchange of goods monetary gain was not necessary, but then the Promissory Note was introduced to accommodate the individual whose circumstance was for whatever reason short of goods to exchange but would pledge this note which meant a promise to provide the owed goods at a later date. That worked until “Greed” introduced itself into the mix.

Previous to Greed’s intervention exchanges of goods or labor was fair barter, it was not intended for riches but for maintenance of family and to further tribal stability, but then low and behold the Promissory Note took on frills like “Penalty and Interest on the Debt”, meaning if the Debtor fell on hard times because of a bad crop yield, he would be at the mercy of his Creditor who now mercilessly attaches a “Penalty and Interest” to his debt regardless of his inability to satisfy his Note in the first place, and at this time when he is helpless and vulnerable. Now Greed has taken the wheel of the Human Condition, the Family of Man no longer exists. Fair Exchange is now ancient history. Capitalism now reigns, Greed the driving force. Exploitation for profit spreads like wildfire throughout the Anglo Saxon society engulfing our world and reshaping the standards we held as right and wrong or good and the responsibility of the Family of Man was self sustainability of the whole, the Creditor/Banker now creates himself as the Controller/Landlord and “Determinator” of who lives and who dies. the era of the Golden Rule; “The One with the Gold makes the Rules”, has arrived. The Creditor/Banker/Landlord spreads his influence hither thither and yon taking the riches of the Earth that originally belonged to any and all inhabitants of our world and filling his coffers under the disguise of “Government”. Now that the Power in is the hand of “Government” one would think that as the term implies, “Government” is to govern fairly and equally, but Greed may have been the driving force that invented “Government” in the first place, so Greed now governs our existence, the riches of the Earth which originally had no boundaries or barriers, where there was always enough to go around, now hoarded into the coffers of Greed and used as a tool to manipulate the people of the world, Greed has made Beggars of us, Greed has created isolationists of us, Greed has created enemies among us, hunger and starvation is now directed to whom Greed determines, food in abundance is destroyed in the face of the needy to maintain a Profit Margin. And our world blindfolded by Greed is oblivious to the downward spiral that has got its tentacles around our existence as Greed reigns supreme. Greed taxes our wages to take care of our needs, it says, but still we live in squalor, homeless and deprived. And “We the People” are held hostage by Greed and hope that one day Greed would have pity on us, but little do we know pity is not in Greed’s nature, the Predator gene dominates its existence.

How did we arrive at this place with our eyes wide open? May I suggest that Greed tempted us to believe that we could have an abundance of whatever we find desirable, not just enough for sustainability but for hoarding like Greed does, Greed has ignited a gluttonous gene in us and now we are under its control.

We are addicted to Greed.

Observer of the Man/Woman Evolution… Bonobos are more closely related to humans than chimps, scientific studies show.

IF I WAS BORN A EUNUCH and had no affiliation with either gender physically or emotionally:

My status as a EUNUCH affords me a bird’s eye unbiased view of the varied stages of the Man/Woman relationship.

There must have been a status quo when first their union came to be, if one uses as the example their closest relatives from the animal kingdom, the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo, (to be more specific the Bonobo is more like human than the Chimpanzee according to experts in Anthropology Science). The female of the Bonobo family occupies a dominant status in their union, she is never challenged by any male for the role of leader of the pack and her method of controlling rivalry and dissension within their structure is with sexual diversion, where it is observed that there  is a wide repertoire of sexual techniques to stimulate any taste preference within the group.

Interestingly enough while the Chimpanzee’s sexual act is restricted to the missionary position the Bonobo like the human practices are wide and varied and they even indulge in homosexual exploration. The female introduces sex to competing rivals to calm aggression and to restore harmony. She is endowed with the instinct that sex in the male is his dominant driving force, sex to her though is not sponsored only by a biological drive towards procreation but also used to quell political discourse within the tribe. (The Bonobo’s claim to fame as quoted by Zoology Science is “They make Love not War”).

If the human condition is compared in the light of this discovery there is some similarity to that nature sponsored principle. Then there is the character of the Caveman exemplified by some anthropologists that suggest that Man in his primitive state aggressively took sex from the female whenever his desire sparked. The Hunter/Gatherer made it paramount that there were enough sexual partners available to satisfy his appetite. The woman did not mind accommodating his desires recognizing it’s a convenience she could facilitate because it’s short-lived and pacifying to his aggressive nature.

Human beings in their scientific studies of animal behavior categorize them as a class different to themselves, but one wonders how far different are they. They describe the presence of the Estrus Cycle in the female as an “Animal in heat” and how the male instinctively senses this and becomes aroused and aggressive. One wonders if this instinct obtains throughout nature and the human is subjected to it’s influence unknowingly. The male of any species more often than not exhibit sexual aggression, this seems to be an inbred trait, a drive to impregnate, Society has adopted ways to suppress these biological urges and hang on to religion as the moral yardstick of determination, in some Middle Eastern and Asian cultures the female dress code determines that she be covered almost totally so that there be no visible nakedness to ignite male aggression.

Prostitution is said to be the oldest profession the world has known, it is one of the amenities implemented to satisfy man’s sexual appetite. The woman has been patient and tolerant throughout history, she has kept house and gave birth to babies, she has observed how man’s ego and aggression hinders and blindfolds his better judgment, but hoped that man the self proclaimed leader of the human condition would recognize how instrumental her contribution could be to the destiny of the human family, but man’s egotistical instinct dominates his judgment and chaos always ensues. Now in recognition of this her perception of a flawed personality in man, woman demanded that her voice be heard and her status be acknowledged, she determined to have a say as to who the leader of the pack should be, she no longer settled to be man’s secretary or “gofer” because man said she should, she claims her status in society because she is qualified to, recognition has to be given to her academic scholarship which determine that she could do so much more, and her natural maternal tendency in the work environment propelled her to decision making status.

Man’s resistance was obviously expected, but the woman’s fangs were already embedded into the throat of the system and her influence on the family structure generally all coupled towards the evolution/revolution of the woman. Her evolution was cunning and quick, she has flooded the workplace, in a lot of areas she has replaced the man by first selling her services cheaper than her male counterpart, and now that her foot is in the door she has upped her price and status. She is  mapping her new landscape in the annals of history. But the male habit dies hard, his ego is finding difficulty wrapping itself around this budding new world order. The era when superiority was his and subservience was hers is fading into the cesspool of history, it is difficult for him to accept she is no longer a vessel to be used only for his pleasure, she now stands in defiance exclaiming; “Your man power is diminished through a weakness, your sexual deviance! you dare not touch me anymore if I don’t want you to”.3FD173B600000578-0-image-a-24_1493667417057 “I am no longer subjected to your victimization, I, woman am worthy of honor and respect that you have been blinded to by your self-righteousness, recognize! I am woman”.

The world has now entered the era of, “the house mom”  as a male and “the breadwinner” as female: The division of labor is changing hands. Husbands speak of their wives pregnancy now as “we are pregnant” rather than “she is pregnant” as it used to be. Now old wounds that haunted the memory of the woman through the victimization by man erupt under the scabs of time challenging the system that perpetuated her degradation. But the male when accused, quietly, secretly wondered what was he expected to do in the face of what he perceives to be sexual temptation from the woman, but because the moral lid adopted by society restricts him from speaking his truths bravely and clearly, he utters under his breath, “Your very presence in my space is persuasive! I am trapped in this state of visual attraction, and as you compete for recognition you achieve your intention, my attention! The scent of a woman is like honey to a bee, to me! woman, how can I contain this desire that entraps like a vise grip on my imagination, how do I make you understand that your nakedness even partially ignites a fire in me that only you can quench! Until then it burns forever. In this existence that we share our roles seem to be defined perfectly, you the persuader and me the pursuer. It is no accident that the contours of your body with it’s curves and valleys were designed specifically for my persuasion, and my perpetual pursuit of you is sponsored by this seed I carry in my being that harbors a desire to germinate.  ‘Go forth multiply and replenish the earth,’ is written and if these words were written into the DNA of the human condition by a principle beyond my control, I, Man, maybe at the mercy of this order.”

Society has placed safety valves in it’s system to create a moral standard, a measure of determining what is sexually acceptable, but the bars have been shifting over time, homosexuality was considered taboo at one point in time now there are laws in place to protect it’s lifestyle.

As the union of man and woman continues to evolve it seems obvious that the world is unfolding the way it would. Life lessons teaches that the human spirit stands up and takes it’s liberation, eventually.

Basa! Basa!

“In Pursuit of Truth”

by Basa! Basa!

My truths are shaped by my environment, through which information is filtered to my mind by sometimes untrue sources or opinions seemingly rooted in monopoly. My mind unfolds after analytical review of this information, and so, if I retreat into mental seclusion and with some effort, purge my thoughts of this bias infiltration, I may somehow hazily glimpse a different perspective.

There is a thought that churns in my consciousness, sometimes in subconsciousness, enlightening at times, frightening at times.

How could I justify the validity of the God Principle which I have been spoon-fed all my life when, if the only foundation for belief is the written word of the Bible? For a time I neglected my own mental inquiry for fear of blasphemy, so therefore the justification I needed remained out of reach for fear of the consequence of   contradiction or inquiry, though in pursuit of truth.

My perception through thought, takes me to frontiers of existence and survival principles:- if I came into existence in a so called primitive environment, how would I have perceived God; I may because of a drive in the human spirit hold onto some force or form of inspiration visible or invisible, (more so the latter) because  the mystery will always keep me rooted in faith. Faith in that my existence had to be given, but by nothing I could see or touch or communicate with. If I analyze this faith intellectually there maybe some foundation to this thought.

In my primitive state, I am amazed at the discoveries of my scientific superiors, as much as my scientific superiors are overwhelmed by the mysteries of the universe that is still beyond their comprehension, and so, if it is not that a superior intellect exists physically, there is surely a spiritual manifestation of it’s existence.

Our thoughts and imaginings are nothing visible, but when physically manifested, we are shocked by the achievements. I would suggest that thought and imaginings are alive, not physically but spiritually. This spirituality encompasses a grandeur such as our limited intellect is but a pea in this ocean of intelligence.

If I think, act and create out of intelligence, so minute by comparison to universal order are my achievements that I must pay homage to a greater existence for having so much more; more precision, more perfection, and harmony. And so having acknowledged, I will declare there is a force greater than I, that may very well be the sum total of all the great minds that may exist in my time and of future greatness. But then my imagination is still limited to what I may perceive in my world, mainly Planet Earth.

If I stretch my imagination further, I cannot help but wonder at the possibilities of planetary existences apart from our own, and their magnificence and intellect. This thought originates from a consciousness that questions my solitary planet’s existence in this vast universe, and the remote possibility of it being the only habitable existence in my galaxy, which of course encompasses millions of planets and notwithstanding the millions of other galaxies in the universe. My intelligence dictates that I must pay attention to documented evidence of UFO’s (though limited)  and their scientific superiority.

The existence that is mine could possibly be inferior to some other intelligent life force, and so I again arrive at yet another guideline of sum total of universal intelligence. If I calculate and focus on a universal mind functioning through thought and deed with the intellect of the vast universe, I am but a whisper in the grandeur that is, and as I think, act and create, limited still I am, for infinite is the capacity of the universal mind.

If I take collectively, all that exist in our universe, be it plant life, animal life, human life or whatever life form there may be, awesome is my perception of the beginning that conceived, and in my pursuit of truth, I am forced to exclaim……Oh God!


Mama! They shot me down today

Murdered by the power they made me their prey

Mama! My body now lie in the street

Shot down by those puppets of this system they keep

Mama! My killers they knew me not

But the hate in their hearts triggered the shot

Because of the poisonous rhetoric their mind is fed

My body now lie in the street – Dead.

Killed while those puppets looked from their windowsills

Shot down in the streets that my forefathers built.

But Mama though they shot my body down

My indelible essence still lives on

Alive; Until freedom and justice live

Alive; Until their thoughts and deeds give

Alive; In the voices of the righteous ones

Alive; Until the prejudice is gone.

Mama! Thus my death is not in vain

‘Cause out of disorder a new order will reign

The righteous will turn this prejudice around

The righteous to whom the power belong

The righteous will put injustice to rest

A new order, a new day is our righteous quest.

Mama! Weep no more for me

Mama! Just will be my destiny

Through me this pledge we keep

No Justice No Peace!

No Justice No Peace!